Jumping spiders of Asia

Jumping spiders of Bangladesh, India, China, Thailand, Sri Lanka

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Ant mimicking jumping spider: Some spiders mimic other insects. As is the case with most spiders that mimic ants, the color of the spider is almost the same as the ant it mimics. Also it abdomen has often an slight constriction to mimic the three segment of an ant. These spiders mix freely with ants, and feed on them when a single ant gets away from the others. Jumping spiders are not the only spiders family that mimic ants also Clubionidae (sac spiders) in the genera Castianeira and Apochinomma imitate ants.
Male Myrmarachne Plataleoides
Female Myrmarachne Plataleoides aka Kerengga Ant-like Jumper
Male Myrmarachne Sp.
Female Myrmarachne Sp.
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