Jumping spiders of Asia

Jumping spiders of Bangladesh, India, China, Thailand, Sri Lanka

Harmochirus Brachiatus Sign In or Register to add photos

Habitat: Foliage in gardens,grass lands,in the shaded area. Size:0.5 cm Distribution: throughout the tropics! As Harmochirus is a genus of the spider family Salticidae (jumping spiders). The tibia and femur of the first pair of legs swollen and first leg always kept up in a defensive position. Because of the unique structure of the first pair of legs and their peculiar way of movement, this spider can be easily distinguished from other salticids. A closer view of the first pair of legs, shows a row of fringed hairs on the ventral and dorsal sides of the tibia, 3 and 2 pairs of ventral spines present on tibia and metatarsi respectively.
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